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Massive Update for the Volkswagen ID.4 Infotainment System



Here's proof Volkswagen does listen to its customer since the German manufacturer announced a significant update for the ID.4 infotainment system after numerous requests from owners. Volkswagen says the update primarily targets 2021 units, but 2022 units should get it too soon after. This new update will include quite a few more features and improved performances. 


One of the critical differences between ICE and EVs is that EVs can be easily improved. They are big computers with four wheels. This means the latest update for the ID.4 will improve the vehicle infotainment system and the general experience. Volkswagen mentioned the update would make the charging experience a lot better by adding a charge routing feature to the native navigation system of the ID.4. This new feature will allow you to search specific charging stations with a filter. This can be pretty useful if you don't want to spend an entire trip looking for an available DC charger. The driving part of vacation should be as fun and smooth as the destination itself.


Auto Hold


Another very cool feature brought with this new update is the Auto Hold. The way this system work is straightforward; Once you've reached a complete stop, you can lift your foot from the brake pedal, which engages the Auto Hold. Your vehicle won't go anywhere unsell you press the accelerator pedal. Of course, this feature can be deactivated if you don't like it.


More information


One thing the Volkswagen ID.4 Cockpit was lacking is information on its digital display. Therefore, Volkswagen added more batteries. Volkswagen added the current driving mode to the display as well. This may seem minor, but you need to change the driving mode in certain vehicles to know what mode you are using is very annoying. If you are wondering, there are five driving modes for the Volkswagen ID.4: ECO, Comfort, Sport, Custom, and Traction. The Traction mode is only available for all-wheel-drive models, though.  


Bug Fixes


As I mentioned earlier, modern vehicles are the closest they have ever been to being big computers on wheels. There is no such thing as perfect software; therefore, Volkswagen had the opportunity to fix several little bugs through new updates.


The Volkswagen ID.4 has quickly become one of North America's most popular electric vehicles since its debut in September 2020.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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